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Avoid Spine Surgery with the Discseel® Procedure

The Discseel® Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that allows patients to relieve their low back and neck pain without surgery, through the use of FDA approved Biologic Fibrin Sealant. This is the only procedure proven to seal discs and encourage them to heal. The Discseel Procedure has excellent long-term outcomes proven in peer-reviewed literature.

The procedure that aims to repair, restore and heal your damaged and degenerated disc that has resulted in conditions including:

The Only Procedure Known to Heal Back Pain Caused by Annular Tears

THE DISCSEEL® PROCEDURE uses Fibrin, an FDA-approved substance that is used off-label, to seal and regenerate tissue. Fibrin is injected into disc tears, typically taking less than an hour. You’ll be walking the same day. The disc continues healing over  3-12 months as you increase your activity.

Addressing the Root Cause:

Annular Tears

As we age, spinal discs obtain wear and tear that can lead to annular tears. These tears may cause disc desiccation (dehydration), leaving the spinal discs thin and unable to cushion the vertebrae. Annular tears are the underlying cause of degenerative disc disease, low back pain, sciatica and herniated discs.

How the DiscSeel® Treats
the Neck

Your cervical spine involves your neck, shoulders, arms, and muscles between your shoulder blades. We regularly treat complex cervical patients from around the World. Many of our patients have previously undergone multiple neck procedures, including surgery, without relief, before seeking help with the Discseel Procedure. Because MRIs cannot reliably identify your pain source, we often rely on highly precise diagnostic injections.

Long-Term Success

For your convenience, we’ll always work closely with your local Physician, or find one close to you for your preliminary diagnostic work-up. If the diagnostic plan suggests your discs, we’ll review your MRI personally, and use it to plan your Annulogram test. The Annulogram injects a trace amount of contrast into your disc’s outer annulus, which allows us to conclusively identify the smallest leaks and tears missed by MRIs. Then we precisely seal your discs’  tears with Fibrin. After the procedure, you’ll spend 30 minutes in recovery, and return to activity the next day. In comparison, research shows that cervical fusions damage the adjacent discs (by transferring increased detrimental forces to the remaining discs) referred to as the “Domino Effect.” That’s why fusions have poor long-term success; their success is less than half that of the Discseel® Procedure.

What to Expect

Get a Consultation

During your in-person consultation, you’ll speak directly with your Discseel® Physician, discussing your prior tests and procedures, prior injections, or even surgeries if you’ve had surgery. You’ll be examined and you’ll have as much time as you’d like to ask your Physician questions. This is a good opportunity to receive detailed answers to all your questions that other Physicians haven’t explained to your satisfaction.  When your symptoms begin interfering with your activities or sleep, then it’s time to seek help.

Have an Annulogram Performed

The annulogram is a pain-free test that identifies subtle tears in your discs that the MRI or discography can’t.  We test every disc in the region to identify even the most subtle disc tears. This allows us to be proactive, addressing small tears before they lead to large herniations or degeneration. The annulogram is so important that its a necessary part of the Discseel® Procedure. During your annulogram,  X-ray contrast is mixed with a little antibiotic, and is injected into the outer annulus fibrosus of your disc to identify subtle disc tears. Next, Fibrin is injected into each tear to immediately seal the disc. Over the following months, the Fibrin promotes disc tissue growth, sealing and healing previously torn discs.

Receive Treatment

The Discseel® Procedure takes approximately 40 minutes and is performed in an outpatient facility. You wil be offered mild sedation. During the procedure, your physician uses xray fluoroscopy and injects contrast mixed with antibiotic into each disc in the region to precisely identify disc tears. Next, using x-ray fluoroscopy, the two components which make Fibrin (prothrombin and fibrinogen), are simultaneously injected into the tears of your annulus fibrosus, making Fibrin in the disc, sealing your torn and damaged discs. Fibrin is FDA-approved biologic with many other applications in the human body, and in the disc used as an accepted, off-label use of an FDA approved biologic (this is analogous to steroids in epidural injections).  The fibrin will seal the disc tears and promote tissue growth over the following months, thus sealing and healing the discs.

Up and Moving Within 24 Hours

Following your Discseel® Procedure, you will rest in recovery for 30 minutes.  Most people experience temporary increased and different symptoms before improvement. We’d like you to walk with assistance the following day and increase your activity as tolerated.  Increase your activities in 10% increments until you are at 100%  of your desired activity.  Most experience relief at 3-6 months post procedure because our discs heal slowly.


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