Close to 31% of American Adults experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD/PTSI and more. We're here to help restore lives with treatments that heal and restore by addressing the root cause of the problem. We offer a variety of advanced treatments for those suffering from:

Healing Injuries Rather than Managing Symptoms

  • Insomnia & Nightmares
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Irritability, Avoidance, Isolation
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Substance Abuse
  • Depression & Reduced Self-Worth
  • Burnout & Concentration Issues



Our Treatments: A Biological Approach

Dual Stellate Ganglion Block (DSGB)

A safe, effective approach to relieving the unwanted symptoms of stress, PTSD/PTSI, anxiety, depression and more.

Personalized Wellness

Getting to the root cause of your symptoms is the best place to begin finding a treatment plan. We offer customized blood panel and nutrition testing to help optimize wellness.

Convenient Locations

We offer convenient locations in Florida. Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Path to Healing.

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Restoring Lives with Dual Stellate Ganglion Block 

If you've been searching for a different way to relieve your symptoms, we're glad you're here. There's hope. Thanks to a treatment known as Dual Stellate Ganglion Block (DSGB), this promising biological intervention has positively affected many symptoms, from PTSD/PTSI to insomnia and depression.  This innovative procedure not only targets, but also regulates overactive sympathetic nerves. The DSGB approach has proven to be successful in addressing an array of symptoms and positively affecting

Are You or A Loved One Living with PTSD/PTSI?

We believe PTSI is an injury that can be treated. We empower our patients by eliminating the word "disorder" and treating the deterioration of the body caused by chronic stress as an injury. Our solution to treating PTSD uses a proprietary treatment process that addresses the root causes of long-exposed post-traumatic stress while immediately bringing relief to patients by using a treatment known as a Dual Stellate Ganglion Block (DSGB). This procedure is a series of two injections performed under guided ultrasound on back-to-back days. There is no extended recovery time, and results are seen for some patients almost immediately after.
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